How to connect Reveal CRM on Hubspot with Zapier

Connect Reveal CRM to Hubspot to get more context on your contacts, qualify your leads and find the relevant message that will turn them into customers ✴️

How to connect Reveal CRM on Hubspot with Zapier

⏰ Setup : 15 min


See the video tutorial (in french)

Made by Julien with ❤️

1) Create new field "CRM" (or something like this) in Hubspot

You can manage properties in Settings > properties then click on "Create propertie"

You can find more information here :

2) Select "text in one line" and click on "Create"

3) Add Reveal CRM private App in Zapier

To Add Reveal CRM private App in zapier, you have just to click in "Use this Zap" bellow :

Enrich your contacts with the CRM they use and send it to Hubspot
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Then click on "Accept Invite & Build a Zap"

4) Create a new Zap in Zapier

You can clone the integration here :

5) Select your HubSpot in the trigger section

6) Select the event you want (here New contact)

This means the trigger will be call by Zapier when a new contact enter in my CRM

7) Select the properties to retrieve (only email is required)

8) Test trigger to continue

9) Select "Reveal CRM" in action section

10) Choose "Find CRM" Action Event

11) Connect your Reveal CRM account to Zapier with you Reveal CRM API key

You can find your Api Key here :

If you don't have an Reveal CRM account, you can create one here :

12) Fill contact email field

13) Test & continue

You can find the CRM use by this contact in "text_result" field

14) Create new action in your CRM

17) Choose "Update contact"

18) Retrieve the contact with its ID

19) Update the CRM field

20) Test & Turn on Zap

21) Add a contact in your CRM & See the magic happen 🌈

Zapier may take some time (5 min max) to activate the trigger